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Imagine this: Tom Carroll is sitting quietly, taking in a panel discussion along with at least 300 other people who love the outdoors. He’s watching Kassia Meador and Leah Dawson share the stage with Lola Mignot. Paige Alms is somewhere in the room, pulling out her phone to snap a photo of the three women on stage. Greg Long is standing next to her. So is Protect Our Winters’ Jeremy Jones. Somewhere near the front of that audience is ski mountaineer Caroline Gleich and a few rows behind her sits Surfrider Foundation CEO, Dr. Chad Nelsen. Meanwhile, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is en route to this same room, where she will later give an inspiring keynote speech about the real meaning of “aloha” and how understanding this simple but beautiful word can inspire us to do good in the world. Her speech will follow Sal Masekela and Tom Carroll sitting down to revisit the two-time world champion’s boycott of the Gunston 500 during apartheid. You don’t have to imagine it. That actually happened.

Some of the most influential people in our little bubble of people who dedicate their lives to enjoying the outdoors came together to share ideas about everything from protecting our health to protecting Mother Nature. Here’s a fantastic collection of photos from that day, celebrating everybody who came to The Inertia’s Inaugural EVOLVE Summit.

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