Here's Zach and Alex having a good 'ol time at The Inertia's relaunch party in 2014. Photo: Meg

Here’s Zach and Alex having a good ‘ol time at The Inertia’s relaunch party in 2014. Photo: Meg/The Inertia

The Inertia

I first met Zach Weisberg at an art show on the North Shore of Oahu. The Inertia had launched relatively recently and I was in a shoulder sling and out of my mind on painkillers after an unpleasant bounce off the reef. 

I started writing the occasional piece for The Inertia soon after.

It’s been an interesting ride. I haven’t always agreed with Zach’s editorial decisions. I’m sure he hasn’t always enjoyed dealing with me. I’ve called and shouted at him, sent numerous upset emails, left him worried that something I’d written would incite a riot.

Despite the often difficult nature of working with me, Zach has almost always been willing to find a place for what I’ve written. Which is greatly appreciated. And it’s been fascinating to watch him turn his website into the increasingly influential juggernaut it has become. Who knew so many people loved chia seeds and yoga?

After a year of hassling he finally agreed to come on my podcast. The reluctance was understandable, but I think we had a great time. Even if he didn’t want to talk about pooping his pants.

My wife calls Alex Haro ‘Dickon,’ because he lives in the forest and has a bunch of wild animal friends.

I call Alex Haro crazy, because he allows wild raccoons and coyotes free reign of his home.

He’s Canadian, taller than you’d expect, and built his home with his own two hands.

He’s senior editor at The Inertia. I don’t know what they pay him, but it isn’t enough. Or maybe it’s too much. The truth depends on how I’m feeling on a particular day.

He’s a very nice man, even if I have a sneaking suspicion that he harbors slightly racist opinions.

 Either way, I like Alex.


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