The Inertia

Patagonia Ambassador Belinda Baggs rode a surfboard designed in 1968 by fellow ambassador Wayne Lynch. This design came to Wayne in a dream, and he called it the Involvement Model. It became the one-board quiver that he rode around the world. Nearly forty five years later, Belinda explored what riding that surfboard feels like.

When we look back at that time, we see that in a few little hotbeds of surfboard design, boards were getting shorter, outlines were getting curvier, rails were coming down in volume, and fins were getting sleeker while also moving forward. Wayne Lynch’s Involvement Model is a classic example of these transition era boards.

It’s interesting to see Belinda go back over four decades later, reinterpreting the experience in a kind of postmodern retrospective. After all, she is a woman with her own rich heritage in Australian surfing — a well-rounded quiver enthusiast familiar with both longer and shorter surf crafts —and, of course, a world-class logger.



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