The Inertia

Big wave surfers might be the most fearless group of savages on this planet. They’re obviously unique amongst any group of individuals, while the things they do can raise the hair on your arms and even leave you holding your breath from time to time, but what they do is far beyond that.

Albee Layer, Billy Kemper, Laird Hamilton, and a handful of other big wave chargers just released the documentary, Nervous Laughter, highlighting the past, present, and future of their favorite wave: Jaws. The film follows the “Strapped” crew of the 1990’s and showcases one of the biggest swells Maui had seen sense ’98, the “Godzilla El Niño.” Nervous Laughter perfectly portrays the sport of surfing in a whole new (but freaky) light, showing just why Jaws is the gold mine for the future of big wave surfing.

“You want to think that you’re unique,” Laird says, “but a lot of times you’re just a part of a thing that keeps circling.”

Note: Nervous Laughter is now available on iTunes and Vimeo.


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