Surf & Ocean Photographer

The Inertia

As the sun set and the sky turned into a visual lolly filled with colors, I ran down to the beach with my Aquatech setup with the new flash housing mounted on top, super excited. I wanted to test out different settings, especially which shutter speed wass best for the results I wanted.

With the time spent in the water alone, my thoughts ran a little wild. As the sun dipped behind the hills and the colors faded from the sky, each shadow turned into a weird figure that tripped the mind out. The thoughts started creating a shark attack here, a shark attack there–will I be the next to encounter these great creatures? A couple of splashes out about 100 meters beyond the break made me think twice. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face by that time, so yeah best to call it a day. All the images above are from that afternoon/night session. Enjoy!

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