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Yesterday we posted the Top Photo Galleries of 2012. Not only are we lucky enough to play host to some of the most amazing photographers in the surfing world, we’re also lucky enough to have some of the most talented, interesting writers penning story after story about everything from punk bands to nudity (granted, those two things go hand in hand quite often).  So, with the sun setting on another fantastic year at The Inertia, here are the Most Popular Articles of 2012.

-Alexander Haro, The Inertia Associate Editor

Top Stories

1. Coaching Jay Moriarty by Frosty Hesson

I had been coaching Jay Moriarity for four years when his whole world changed on a fifty-foot monster of a wave that almost killed him. Instead, it made him famous.

2. Alana Blanchard and Kepa Acero: Nudity Now by Tetsuhiko Endo

It’s been a big week for nudity in the surfing world. Alana Blanchard put a new video series out. And Kepa Acero put out a naked surf video. Both were equally intriguing but for different reasons.

3. (Surfing) Tits, and Ass by Tetsuhiko Endo

If you want to be a successful and well-paid woman in the world of professional surfing, you must become a walking contradiction: a Roman gladiator in high heels.

4. Interview: Fat Mike of NOFX by Johnny Blades

If you’ve gone shopping for a punk record in the last few decades, you’re probably familiar with giants of the genre, NOFX. Fat Mike discusses NOFX’s new album, Self-Entitled, and so much more.

5. Smashing the Brazilian Stereotype by Tetsuhiko Endo

The prevailing negative view of Brazilians in the surf world is a product of underlying prejudice within American and Australian society. I’m going to explain why.

6. Gabriel Medina and the Importance of Bad Sportsmanship by Tetsuhiko Endo

Amid the claims of corporate conspiracies, racism against Brazilians, and poor judging, (all of which I believe are overwrought), the one truth that emerged from Julian Wilson’s questionable victory over Gabriel Medina in Portugal is this: pro surfing needs Gabriel Medina’s fire. Badly.

7. No More Hawaii by Ben Adler

If I were the CEO of a big surf company I would halt investments in the North Shore for a few years until relationships between the visiting and hosting communities become more amicable.

8. Maya Gabeira Gets Naked in ESPN’s Body Issuby The Inertia

Maya Gabeira isn’t the first naked surfer we’ve seen in ESPN Magazine. She probably won’t be the last.

9. Are Wetsuits Burkas for Cold Water Surfer Girls? by Elizabeth Henlein

Are we seen as less sexual or more sexual while we’re suited up? Maybe instead of guys checking out my ass I get judged more on the waves I’m riding. Maybe it doesn’t matter at all.

10. GMac’s Controversial 90 Foot Wave by Ben Marcus

“All Garrett [McNamara] can be accused of is bringing surfing into the homes of hundreds of millions of people,” said publicist Nicole Macias.

11. Freesurfers™ and Selling Out by Tetsuhiko Endo

Freesurfing™ allows surfers to make a living doing what they love and allows us to enjoy their talents via web clips and magazines. Respect their savvy as businessmen, but whatever you do, don’t buy their bullshit gospel of freedom and rebellion.

I’ve been shooting and documenting the hurricanes and storms that hit Maryland for the past few years, and have never seen anything like Sandy. No doubt the biggest wave ever ridden in Maryland.12. Hurricane Sandy: Where to Begin? by Raven Lundy

Hurricane Sandy is now gone, but she leaves in her wake a trail of destruction. On the flip side, she left some surfers with the best memories of their surfing lives on the East Coast.

13. The Reality of Surfing in Chicago by Mitch McNeil

The recent arrest of a Chicago surfer and the subsequent response from surfers across the country indicates that there is much progress to be made.

14. Surfer Girs Rock by Cynthia Krueger 

We need women who will stand strong and be recognized for their abilities and accomplishments instead of how they look. Because it’s about surfing, not sexy.

15. Greg Long Discusses Chasing Mavericks by Zach Weisberg

“Gerard Butler took a legit 20-foot face wave of whitewater on the head that doubled up on that inside bowl,” said Greg. “He nearly drowned. I’ll go ahead and say that.”


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