The Inertia

Some consider surfing itself to be an art. In another, more accurate way, surf photography is also art. The New Wave is a new exhibition, presented by the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Los Angeles, that highlights the beauty and extreme conditions of big wave surfing.

Inspired by HBO’s documentary series 100 Foot Wave, The New Wave is a collection of large-scale photographs curated by Morrison Hotel Gallery’s creative director Timothy White. The show features some of the world’s best oceanic photographers, including previously unreleased work by Tim McKenna, Fred Pompermayer, Helio Antonio, Laurent Masurel and Erik Aeder.

To commemorate the start of the exhibition, the gallery held an opening event last week. “Saturday night’s New Wave event drew an unbelievable turnout and the atmosphere was genuinely electric,” said Adam Block, CEO, Morrison Hotel Gallery. “The show drew a beautifully diverse and eclectic collection of guests and really testified to the appeal of the work. We appreciate not only the incredible athletes and talented photographers represented by The New Wave, but also the spirited folks who gathered to celebrate and filled the room with such incredible energy.”

The New Wave Collection is available for purchase on the Morrison Hotel Gallery website. The gallery is also considering the possibility of touring the exhibition.


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