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If you haven’t heard about the Oakley Battle Clips competition, it’s about time you did. It’s an awesome idea: in short, competitors uploaded a one-minute video clip, tagged #oakleybattleclips, @oakleysurfing, and @mysurftv, and try their hardest to make it go viral. After that, the top 16 advanced to the next round of man-on-man battles, where they sent over a clip of their best air, their best barrel, and their best turn. A panel of judges consisting of Oakley representatives, Surfing Australia National Coach Andy King, and public opinion–determined by social media interaction–culled the field down to eight for the semi-final. Then, they sent in a clip of their best ride and hoped to move to the final. In December, they were flown to Hawaii to film for the Oakley Battle Clips surf film, in which they had a two-to-three minute part, also to be judged.

The winner walks away with a veritable treasure trove of goodness: $20,000 AUD cash. The filmer (those unsung heroes that they are) gets $5,000 AUD of Nikon Product.

The kind folks over at mySurf.tv sent over the Oakley Battle Clips movie a few days ago. Featuring Sheldon Simkus, Soli Bailey, Jack Robinson, Brent Dorrington, Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Joel Parkinson and many more, we’ll be damned if it’s not one of the finest of the year.

See more from mySurf.tv on their website.


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