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The Inertia

When the Quik Pro France comes to town, they bring all their friends with ’em. Dane Reynolds was granted a spot in the competition, although to the dismay of surf fans everywhere, that didn’t turn out too well. Other Quik ambassadors also made the trek out to the land of topless beaches, le cigarettes, and baguettes, like Mikey Wright, Koa Rothman, and snowboarders Travis Rice and Brian Fox.

Instead of ogling at bare boobies or sipping red wine all day, Fox made himself useful with a little project. He edited the above clip of the surf crew with, admittedly, quite a bit of mastery for someone typically the one being featured in (snow) edits, not the one editing them. But while Fox appeared to enjoy this side gig, he was disenchanted by the French ineptitude at the most important meal of the day. “It’s titled ‘No Breakfast’ because, with all due respect, the French suck at making breakfast,” he said.

But even with empty stomachs, Dane and the rest of the surf guys were able to throw it down in the WWII bunker-laden beachbreaks of France. Mikey Wright in particular is just a ball of explosive energy. While both his older siblings were in France to compete (his sister Tyler taking home the gold), Mikey was there to get barreled and do huge airs. Which he’s been doing quite well, like a mullet-headed bat outta hell on a surfboard, as seen in his most recent clip REV HED.


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