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Mike Coots is an inspiration. Through and through. He is a world-class photographer. He’s a very nice guy. And he also happens to have survived a tiger shark attack at his home break in Kauai in 1997 that claimed his right leg below the knee – only to make a full recovery – and not just physically, but also mentally. In grand measure. To illustrate, in 2012, Coots headed to Washington to lobby for the protection and preservation of sharks – yes, sharks. The creatures responsible for violently stealing his leg from him. And he’s dedicated no small portion of his time advocating their protection since.

Coots once told The Inertia:

The more I learned, it was a no-brainer that I’m in a valuable position as a shark attack victim to speak out for the sharks. I believe they’re in the ocean for a reason–they’ve survived ice ages, extinction, all that. They’re the glue that holds the marine diversity together, some scientists will say, though they’re being killed at an alarming rate and many are on the verge of extinction.


Yesterday, Coots posted this little zip of inspiration. For a lot of us, a cutback might feel routine. However, the glowing ball of stoke around Mike after this turn reminds us to be thankful for what we have: Ocean. Waves. And the resilient human spirit.

Keep killing it, Mike. Your impact is immense.

Mike Coots gets us pumped.

Mike Coots gets us pumped.


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