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The Inertia

It seems like every time Aritz Aranburu pops into our periphery he’s doing or seeing something incredible. The kind of stuff that’s worth stopping for a moment and at least thinking to yourself, “Hmm…life must be good.”

The little bit of traveling he does here is a good example, bouncing from one side of the Atlantic to the other. And it’s when he arrives in the Caribbean that his insights give some food for thought about…well, about life, about finding good waves, and where that all fits into the grand scheme of things.

“The Caribbean still has lots of hidden treasures and lots of those treasures are high-quality waves,” he says. Amen. And after gushing about the near perfection he finds here, the stand-up barrels and the clear blue water, he offers a little bit of perspective to go along with that.


“It’s ironic that such cold, snow, and collapse of infrastructure in one place can eventually lead to great waves in warm water in such beautiful surroundings in another place.”

Yes, this could start to go down a depressing rabbit hole. But that’s not where the Spanish surfer is leading us. As he explains it, all those years of competing around the world, all those years of traveling, and even gaining perspective into the sad realities of some of it has actually only helped him appreciate the places, the people, and the waves that much more.



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