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Editor’s Note: This post was made possible by the good people at SIC Maui.

SIC Maui may not be a household name in the surf world (yet), but in downwind and paddle-racing circles, Mark Raaphorst’s Hawaiian-born brand carries a lot of weight. Plus if you’ve heard of Ding King, Mark’s board repair business, then you know his craftsmanship is unparalleled, gaining him respect world wide. Raaphorst and the SIC brand are well connected in the surfing world.

Just another reason why you should definitely take a gander at the Holiday sale happening right now on the Darkhorse, a soft surfboard. The SIC team solicited the help of Santa Cruz shaper Jon Henderson to create these really cool foam boards that are equal parts performance (they’re stiff for a soft board) and durable. Henderson has been shaping boards in Northern California for decades, creating his first rideable surfboard at the age of 15 in Marin County back in 1988 and has run his own brand, Strive Surfboards, out of Santa Cruz since.

The Darkhorse uses what SIC Maui calls Vortex construction, melding actual wood stringers (you read that right) with lightweight core materials and foam rails to create a super-fun surfboard that you can use in both thumpy beach break or soft points. Beginners will love the ease of use and better surfers will be stoked on the Darkhorse’s performance capabilities (and love having to only pack one board down to the beach that both the kids and dad or mom can use).

You can’t beat the price. The 5’8″, 6’8′, 7’4″, 8’4″ are all right around $250 bucks for this end-of-season sale. Get on it now. You won’t be bummed.

Visit SICmaui.com now to get in on the deal of the season.


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