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The Inertia

Ever since Kelly’s wave was shown to the public, it’s been mostly a wave for a shortboard. Sure, there are a few novelty rides here and there — Austin Keen’s skimboard, CJ Nelson’s mid-length, and Mike Stewart’s bodyboard, to name a few — but the vast majority of waves ridden there have been on a standard thruster. But on October 18, it’s going to be a longboard wave.

The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic will pit 12 of the world’s best longboarders against each other, including Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Justin Quinta, and Joel Tudor. It’ll be the first time loggers will have donned a jersey since February’s Noosa Longboard Open back in February, and for fans of stylish surfing, it’s going to be a must-watch.

Watch Sunday, October 18 at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT on worldsurfleague.com.


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