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The Inertia

There’s no place on Earth quite like the Wedge. It’s a perfect set up, a warping wedge of weirdness that, when it’s breaking, leads to hours of entertainment. Not just for the surfers, either. The Wedge is one of the best spectator waves in the world. From just a few yards away, watchers watch as surfers surf. And part and parcel of surfers surfing are wipeouts.

Wipeouts, of course, are pretty much the best part of surfing — for the viewer, anyway. So after a very good few months at the Wedge, the kind folks over at Beefs.TV stitched together a handful of the best wipeouts from a spring to remember. “Everyone loves a good ‘ol fashioned wipeout reel,” they wrote. “But remember, if you are not a trained professional then Wedge might not be your spot.”


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