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The Inertia

It was a long, flat winter for Southern California. Tensions ran high. Divorce rates went through the roof. Assault cases skyrocketed. It was like Mad Max out here. Nah, none of that actually happened, but people sure were cranky about the lake-like conditions the Pacific offered, especially while the Atlantic produced swell after swell after swell. But now that summer’s approaching, so are those south swells, and everyone’s breathing a sigh of relief. When the biggest and best of the year (so far) slammed into the Wedge on May 23rd, filmer Brent Weldon packed the water housing and flippers and got some of the best footage we’ve seen of Tommy Cantrell, Tyler Thornsley, Alex Johnston, Tanner Mcdaniel, Jake Calinger, Hideto Shibata, Hunter Jones, and many more.

“It may not have been all glory,” he wrote, “but the waves were pumping. Feeling the power and energy of this wave is something I cannot describe. There is so much carnage and destruction in every set that comes through. Watch out for that backwash. The guys charging this wave are next level. Going out when it’s like this is what drives me to get in the water as often as I can.”

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