Surfer/Filmmaker, DGK

The Inertia

The Winter Surf is a film shot entirely in South Korea, during the winter of 2014. Not exactly a top-of-mind surf destination, South Korea is one of the most beautiful places on earth… and there are waves, to boot. Presented by and Another Day, The Winter Surf shows a glimpse into South Korea’s surf scene.

After learning to surf in Australia, I returned home to Korea, and immediately began searching for waves. To my surprise, I found there were already a few small but well established surf communities–and the waves in Korea were pretty good, at least compared to what people thought. I realized then that there needed to be a website to show Korea’s surf scene, and started up Although I had different kinds of content, my videos always garnered more attention. That’s what encouraged me to create The Winter Surf. Along with Seong Eun Kim, we began the process of documenting the surf culture in South Korea. Enjoy.


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