The Inertia

Editor’s note: Welcome to our first installment of LogDaze, where we profile up-and-comers, endemic names, and legends that derive their joy in the water from 9-foot-plus craft. Check back soon for more episodes.

Erin Ashley, known among friends simply as Worm, has an encyclopedic knowledge of cartoon cats. You’d think that fact might be ancillary to her abilities as a longboarder. In fact, it’s demonstrative.

When we met in Malibu, she pulled up with two longboards miraculously wedged into her four-door sedan. She popped out of the driver’s seat with a smile, curly hair bouncing, with horn-rimmed glasses and a Dr. Pepper shirt.

“Sorry I’m late, traffic on the freeway was brutal,” she said. When I originally set up the shoot, I assumed she was from the area – I could have sworn all the footage of her surfing I’d seen online was at Malibu. The rad polka dot and prison-striped wetsuits seemed totally normal for First Point. She quickly corrected me.

“Yeah, people always think that,” she said with a laugh. “But no, all the footage you’ve probably seen is from down south.”

By day, Worm is a surfer and student, and by night she’s a pastry chef. “Baking at night really frees me up to do things during the day,” she said.

Those disparate disciplines might seem at odds with each other, but over the course of our conversation, it all made sense. See, Worm explains that her prowess on a log comes from her discontent with how bad she was at surfing the first time she tried it. When she hears a word she doesn’t know, she immediately looks it up, understands it, and incorporates it into her arsenal. As I said, she could rattle off a laundry list of famous cartoon cats. All that to say, it’s her passion to dive head first in the unfamiliar that make her a self-proclaimed “full-time student” in every sense.

Worm is a pretty rad human. We recommend you get acquainted.

Video shot and edited by Jordyn Romero


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