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After we got back from the North Shore last month, we took a walk down memory lane from red carpet interviews at Surfer Awards from years past. In doing so, we found this gem that we somehow completely forgot about on the cutting room floor. In 2016, we had the world’s best surfers confront one of life’s most important questions: Are you a dog or a cat person?

Coco Ho made it clear that the question itself is inappropriate, as there is only one correct answer. Coco Ho, of course, is right. Dog is the correct answer to the question. Kelly Slater, Lyndie Irons, Laura Enever, Felicity Palmateer all agree. Tyler Wright has five dogs.

Which made Frank Solomon’s answer disconcerting. Cat? Really, Frank?


Kai Lenny sees the merits of both fur balls.

“Cats are awesome. They’re fluffy,” says Kai Lenny. “Dogs are rad because you see the look in their eye, and if you feel like you didn’t have a great day, they make you feel like you did.

As does Bruce Irons.

“Both,” says Bruce Irons. “Cats are a little more finnicky little pussies. You have to gain their trust. Dogs are more loyal.”

“I like dogs more, but people refer to me as a cat,” says Quincy Davis.

“If there’s a puppy around, I’ll give that more attention,” says Ian Walsh.

Jack Freestone has a dog and a cat, and their names are tattooed on his arm: Kevin and Koby.

“I don’t know,” says Stephanie Gilmore. “I’ve never had a dog or a cat. I like birds.”

This hard-hitting piece of journalism lays to rest an age-old question. Dogs are better than cats.

Video shot by Casey Acaster and edited by Jordyn Romero.