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300 bucks for a date with this man? What a steal! Photo: Scholtz/WSL

The Inertia

That’s right. Just last week the World Surf League announced a newly inked expansion to their existing partnership focusing not just on yurts and other unconventional accommodations, but experiences. A few of which include a surf and coaching with Brett Simpson in Huntington Beach, a surf trip in the Basque Country with the Delpero brothers, and yes a surf and coffee date with Travis Logie.

Trav and his defined jawline have been behind the scenes of the World Surf League since his retirement from the Tour in 2014, much to the chagrin of fans who could just stare into those eyes forever in his post heat interviews. We don’t have the hard data, but we imagine on more than one occasion said fans have tried to slip into Trav’s DMs.

The geniuses at the WSL and Airbnb apparently know a good opportunity to monetize when they see one and devised a scheme where you can now pay to spend a morning with Travis. What does the morning entail? Here’s Travis:

“We’ll have a blast surfing my favorite nooks and crannies around this busy spot – don’t worry, I know how to avoid all the crowds for as pristine a session as we’ll find in California.


“After our session, we’ll cruise over to one of my favorite beach clubs in the world, just minutes away from our morning location. This is a rare treat! Beachfront and exclusive, we’ll watch the surf at Malibu while having a drink and reflecting on our session.”

The beachfront exclusive club in Malibu can be none other than SoHo House’s members-only “Little Beach House Malibu,” described on their website as “a small, local club for the creative community of Malibu and the surrounding coastal areas.”

For anyone hoping to parlay the $300 experience into something romantic, know that Trav’s happily married. Oh, and you must be an intermediate to advanced surfer.



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