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Mention the name Pipeline and it’s hard not to conjure images of Gerry Lopez standing casually in the tube. He is one of surfing’s most iconic figures and Patagonia will soon release a new film on the legend, The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez.

Mr. Lopez of course is synonymous with Pipeline, but he’s also synonymous with surf travel, having spent years in Indonesia, as well as popularizing yoga in the surf-adjacent world. But he’s also been known to have occupied an interesting juxtaposition in the sport: surfing’s core is famously anti commercial, and Lopez embraced that ethos during his life. He addresses that in the upcoming film as well as a number of other interesting facets of his life.

Yin and Yang is directed by Stacy Peralta of Dog Town and Z Boys fame. “While ‘Mr. Pipeline’ is famously known for his calm demeanor in the tube, Gerry built his career with aggressive surfing that left behind a trail of blood and tears,” reads the YouTube description. “Gerry is as radical as he is Zen; he transcends categorization. He’s one of the most influential surfers and surfboard shapers of all time, an entrepreneur, a family man, a movie star and a lifelong yogi who brought surfing to new frontiers. His influence on modern surfing is immeasurable, and for the first time, his story is being told in full.”


It’s sure to be a much anticipated release.

Gerry Lopez joined our podcast last year. You can listen to that here. 


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