The Inertia

This film is actually about 10 years in the making but probably only 10 percent of my original vision. Throw in three kids, a global pandemic, then multiply that by how many years it took to complete a full-length film and…you get the picture.

When riding hollow waves, split-second decisions are made. There’s so much to take in but at the same time, you just want to see every detail. Your brain needs to be hyper-focused and your awareness needs to extend across the playing field ahead, meanwhile, an entire wave is unloading on you. It’s like your brain is moving at a higher speed just to process all the information needed to be in the right spot.  I wanted to make something showing just that.

Save this for when you have a spare 12 minutes to switch off from the world around you. It can be used as an open-eye meditation and something to help you escape.

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