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The Inertia

The Hawaiian culture is a beautiful one. It is love and it is strength. It is passionate, healthy, and proud. You know the story, though—that culture has been on the verge of being stamped out for years. Just recently, in fact, a judge issued a Hawaiian man (who is an associate professor of Hawaiian Studies at The University of Hawai‘i in Maui) for speaking his native language in court.

“A judge in Hawaii has issued a warrant for the arrest of Maui resident and activist Kaleikoa Kaʻeo because he tried to communicate in his native Hawaiian language during court proceedings,” wrote Jorge Rivas for Splinter. “Both English and Hawaiian are official languages in Hawaii.”

That’s just one small example, too. Luckily, the Hawaiian people are proud. They refuse to go gently into that good night. The RVCA team and a few close friends were lucky enough to spend the day with the Fukumitsu family for a day of Hawaiian culture and festivities.


RVCAloha 2017 | Roots of Culture from RVCA on Vimeo.


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