The Inertia

From the Editor:

Nazaré gives us waves as big as anything we may ever see. For the most part, the sheer size is what grabs your attention. That familiar pulled back shot, the lighthouse for a little bit of perspective, a crowd of people lining the cliff, and of course a tiny ant-sized speck somewhere along the face of that wave. Of course, it’s not an ant. It’s a person. It’s always a person.

But while you’re sitting there trying to grasp how monstrous this wave is, some images make you stop and bask in her beauty. Whether it was photographer João Bracourt’s intention or not, that’s all we can do when we see this handful of moments. Sure, you have the pulled back shot with the lighthouse. There’s one of two ant-sized humans on the faces of some of these monsters. But most of all wow, how beautiful is this place?


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