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One of life’s great joys is sharing the lineup with an animal. Depending on where you live, you’ve likely had the pleasure of a dolphin or — if you’re really lucky— a whale cruising by. Dolphins, in particular, are fun. What other creature willingly surfs waves while we humans awkwardly flop around on top of them?

A group of surfers in Western Australia, a place where the ocean is a little more alive than most, hit the animal jackpot when a day with better-than-average waves became a day shared with not only a pod of surfing dolphins, but a juvenile humpback whale.

“On this day, the dolphins were playing around in the waves for a while so I decided to throw my drone up and capture the dolphins from the sky,” Alasdair Evans, the man who shot the footage you see above, explained. “To my surprise, a large shadow appeared, which turned out to be a humpback whale. At this spot along the coast, we often see humpbacks breaching out to sea but rarely in this close to the surfers and waves. The whale and dolphins seemed to have a connection and were happy interacting with each other inside the break. This allowed a few surfers to experience some magical moments with the large mammal.”


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