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Meet Brooke Carlson, First Point Malibu local. Even though she’s only been surfing since the tender age of 10 (that’s three years for the mathematically challenged) she’s mastered moves that some folks will never be able to pull off, no matter how much hard-earned cash they drop on the best private lessons.

Brooke’s stoke and joy in and out of the water is contagious, never losing her cool in the often hectic, world-renowned line up at First Point. Her mom drives her to and from the beach almost every day of the week so she can get as much time in the water as possible, perfecting her game and bringing massive style, good vibes and a positive outlook to the legendary Los Angeles surf break.

Here are a few more things to know about the life and inspiration of a 13 year old surf prodigy who is busy etching her own chapter of history into the iconic lore of Malibu.


Beth: Did I get it right? You only started surfing about three years ago?
Brooke: I started getting into surfing at 10 years old and I just turned 13 in January.

What’s your favorite place to surf?
My favorite place to surf is Malibu First Point.

What and who inspires you the most?
My mom is the most amazing and inspiring person out there. She is not only my number one supporter, but truly the best mom I could ever possibly have. I have to be the luckiest person on earth to get to wake up everyday and have this amazing human by my side.


What scares you?
I would say that sharks scare me — and land sharks scare me the most!

What does the future look like for Brooke Carlson?
I want to be traveling a to amazing places with fun surf like Noosa Australia, Mexico, Hawaiian Islands, and Costa Rica. I hope to go to China for the World Surf League World Title competition if I quality at the Huntington Beach contest. I’m growing my little board bag business so I can save up for travel expenses.

What’s your favorite post-surf snack?
My favorite post-surf snack is Mexican: chicken tacos with beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, salsa, and I think that’s it [laughs].

What would you say to a young person that wants to learn to surf and get good at it fast?
I would say that you have to want to surf because you love it and your passionate about it and have enough passion to to go every day of your life no matter what — and not because someone else wants you to surf.

These days, kids are bombarded with so many unproductive distractions. Having a strong vision and drive at such a young age is a rare quality. Let’s all give a big hand to this positive, ambitious and talented young athlete. I guarantee this will not be the last time you see and hear of Brooke Carlson. It’s pretty clear that she’s 100% committed to pushing the progression of surfing to new heights in the very near future.



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