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These days, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes understand that sunlight is enriching, but should be enjoyed responsibly. Proper suncare is essential to reduce the risk of melanoma.

One of the most infuriating aspects of sunblock, though, is after rubbing it on your face you’re left with a greasy residue on your hands that makes gripping and grabbing with your mitts difficult. When the slippery stuff ends up on your wax somehow, it can make for an embarrassing surf – like trying to stand up on a bar of soap topped with banana peels.

That frustration is what led 15-year-old entrepreneur Joshua Apitz to develop an alternative – a sunscreen specifically designed with a “non-slip formula.”


“I always found sunscreen so annoying and frustrating! Why did so many unnecessary problems like slippery hands and stinging eyes have to come from a product that was supposed to protect you from the sun?”

According to his campaign on Indiegogo, Apitz’s father and grandfather were both diagnosed with melanoma, which was also a major inspiration to go into the sunscreen business. His product, Seagull Milk (not a typo), is both non-slip and 100-percent natural.

In addition, part of the proceeds of every tube of Seagull Milk sold will go to Australian beach cleanup organization Take3ForTheSea. “I want to help contribute to solving two problems at once… skin cancer and also plastic pollution which is destroying the oceans and also endangering our future health!” explains Joshua.

Seagull Milk, then, kills two birds with one stone.

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