The Inertia

Photographer Stan Moniz had nothing but positive things to say about AquaTech Imaging Solution / AxisGo’s new housing. “They knocked this one out of the park,” he said. “For somebody that’s just coming into the field of surf photography, you can’t go wrong with this setup.”

So we finally have an underwater housing company that’s developed a product specifically for the iPhone. It’s a significant innovation considering how ubiquitous the smartphones are, as well as the number of people looking for entry into water photography with quality products. It supports folks new to the industry as well as the professionals who “just want to keep things simple,” says Stan. There’s no need to drop $3,000 – $5,000 to take “professional” photos in the ocean. The housing itself retails for $249 with different lenses ranging from $79 to $199. The familiar pistol grip we see surf photographers swimming and shooting with can be found for another $99, making an entire photography setup affordable to a wide range of people. Bravo.

Editor’s Note: You can find more on the AxisGo Instagram page, along with the official AquaTech Instagram and Facebook.


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