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At 2:30 in the morning on November 6th, 2017, Ian Fontaine and Gaspard Larsonneur paddled out at Pointe de la Torche, Brittany. After three months of preparation, it was lit up by 120,000-watt neon lights, and although they surfed there all the time, it was a whole new experience for them. “We know this spot by heart but taking to the waves,” said Larsonneur, “lit up in all colours, at two in the morning was something new for us.”

The shoot was part of a project dreamed up by a French director named Hugo Manhes. “The idea was to offer up an experience that went beyond surfing,” he explained. “We projected colored lights onto the ocean to give it an almost supernatural appearance. We took three months to prepare. The main issue was knowing how much light we’d need for the project. We came up with calculations depending on the layout of the spot, the absorption of the light in the water, etc.” And the result? Well, it is nothing short of stunning.


LA TORCHE from Hugo Manhes on Vimeo.



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