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You gotta imagine reality television show producers loved hearing this casting pitch for Dario Costa: “Ok so he’s a chef…and he seriously rips.”

“Book ’em!” they exclaimed.

Costa, a past participant in Masterchef Brazil does, in fact, rip. And his career in the kitchen was reportedly sparked by his passion for riding waves. Having a strong desire to surf all over the world, he needed a reliable (and probably flexible) gig that would fund surf trips. Considering he picked a trade that’s always in demand, one could understand how this career path could benefit a surfer, working evenings at a restaurant and having daylight hours to surf your brains out.

“Surfing is not a bum sport, quite the contrary,” he says. “Work came first because I saw a need to be very good at my job in order to have a secure income to do what I wanted, which was traveling to surf. And within this process, I found myself totally involved by gastronomy, by passion, from the cultural context to the adrenaline of the service.”

Who knows how many hours Costa had to slave over a hot stove to buy his ticket to Indo, but this footage of him charging solid Nias on a twin fin looks like he got his money’s worth.


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