How stoked would you be if you got your first surf lesson from Occy?

The Inertia

The Surf Lesson Price Index compiled by tech travel company has ranked American surf schools the 2nd most expensive in the world. At $85 per lesson, American surf schools still trail the most expensive place to learn to surf, Norway, by $43. Meanwhile, Ecuador is the cheapest place to land a surf lesson at $22.

Of Americans that traveled for surf lessons, 22 percent of them favored Costa Rica. Mexico was next in popularity at 18 percent, and Europe was third with 17 percent. Portugal is the most popular European destination for Americans, with 7 percent of travelers out of the U.S. choosing it as their Euro surf trip destination. Indonesia (5 percent), Nicaragua (5 percent), and Barbados (3 percent) rounded out some of the most popular global surf destinations.

This Surf Lesson Price Index was comprised of surf lesson booking data from over 1,250 surf schools by Our company operates as a booking service for traveling surfers and the surf camps and surf schools they visit, currently operating in 35 countries and 112 surf towns throughout the world, using those locations as a sample for the survey.


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