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The idea of living a nomadic surf lifestyle and earning a paycheck remotely from web design, computer programming or whatever racket you’ve got going, is alluring. Alluring, that is, until you find yourself on deadline for a demanding client and the internet is cutting out. For the hundredth. Damn. Time!

Stick with us, says a new Canadian company. They’re promising digital nomads six months of barefoot living, pumping surf in epic locales and — your lifeline — reliable internet 24 hours a day. In what amounts to a cross between a surf trip and a co-working space, Unleash is offering a six month trip with two-month stints in Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

The first trip departs in January 2018, sporting a hefty price tag of a $5,000 down payment, followed by $3,300 per month. For this price, the company arranges and pays for all your airfare, provides you a private apartment, offers free yoga and Spanish language courses, twice-monthly trips to regional surf spots, and a group size of fewer than a dozen. Couples and families may work out a better deal.

As a bonus, Unleash boasts that in each location — Arica, Chile; Huanchaco, Peru and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador — you can walk everywhere and won’t need to wear so much as a flip-flop between airport visits.

As the marketing materials state on the company’s website, “You work, you surf, and we take care of the details.”

“Once the trip begins, our role is basically to provide the box to make people super comfortable, and feel like they can do their work, be productive, surf, and just have a super awesome experience,” co-founder Amy Schwartz told reporters.

Unleash is the brainchild of a couple from Halifax, Schwartz and John Furness, who were living in Peru when the idea dawned on them.


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