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The majority of us have been on some kind of surf adventure. In fact, it would be strange to find yourself reading this story, on this website, if you hadn’t been on one at some point in your surfing life. If you have been on any form of an adventure, surfing or otherwise, it is well known that sometimes things don’t fall perfectly into your plans. Maybe your plane didn’t show up whilst trampling through a pacific atoll, leaving you marooned and sunburnt burnt alongside the kids and pigs? Maybe it was that one time you were thrown in jail, unsure of how or why you ended up in a tiny third world cell? Or from a positive perspective, we can imagine heading to the Philippines with a group of mates that are more like family than friends, ready to see where adventure is about to take us.

This is exactly what the pleasure abounding crew from Monsta Surf Tribe experienced on their most recent adventure. The group has set out to finance a movie about following your wildest dreams into surf nirvana. The 50-minute film is in its last phases of a pretty unique crowd-funding campaign where funders even have the chance to get their name tattooed on one of the team’s brand managers.


The one thing that strikes me about this whole project is Monsta’s notion of family. Cam Greenwood incepted the idea with a drawing of his dream and it’s snowballed from there. It explores our social responsibility as surfers and travelers, telling the story of Typhoon Yolanda’s attack on the Philippines in 2014. So the tribe manages to score some perfect waves while providing much-needed access to clean drinking water for the people devastated by the natural disaster only a few years ago. It’s a feel-good story with a range of captivating footage and photography. Surfing and social responsibility are not new friends having their first awkward beer together, rather, they’re a partnership that’s been forged over decades. With the continued assistance of projects and stories like this we can all give back a little to those incredible spots we’re lucky enough to visit as well as those we’ll see on the horizon.

Monsta Surf Tribe – Photo: Cam Greenwood



Editor’s Note: You can learn more on the Monsta Surf website 


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