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The Inertia

Joana Andrade and Johanna Norblad are two extraordinary women doing extraordinary things. Andrade is a powerhouse of big wave surfing, tackling Nazaré at every opportunity. Norblad is a Finnish free-diver honing her skills beneath the icScandinavianavian lakes.

The meeting of these two women on screen makes for an intriguing watch. In the film, Norblad works as Andrade’s breath training coach, training her to maximize her own mental and physical capabilities under the surface of extremely cold water.

“I admire people who decide to do something and make it happen,” Norblad says. “It takes a lot of determination to start learning something new and reaching your goals.”

While the film BIG vs small focuses on Andrade as one of the world’s best female big wave surfers, this is really a story about incredible female role models in adventure and outdoor sports.

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