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Let me start off by stating, I have no idea who this guy is. I’m a little impressed. And a tiny-bit scared for him. And—not to be shallow—have wasted time gawking at his Youtube page. But apparently the fella, whose handle is ig: 8Booth, has a weird fetish for sneaking into, what look like, Laguna Beach, Calif. hotels and jumping off balconies into pools. That’s where the I’m frightened for him, comes in. The GoPro footage makes it look like he’s coming excruciatingly close to the cement after hucking himself off multiples of stories, only to hustle away after like he’s avoiding capture. Which is exactly what he’s doing. He was especially close to the edge on his first leap, below.

As evidenced by his page, IG definitely jumps off high places into water often, and knows the LB hood like he’s been poking around in every sea crag there since he was six (this Victoria Beach drop into crevices in the shoreline is truly impressive), all the while hiding his identity (the perp often shields his face with a snorkel mask, a nice touch). So with a Don’t Try This at Home (or at hotels for that matter), here are his three pool drops. Somebody’s gotta know this dude:


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