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Surfboard shaping is often seen as a form of art. And it is – shapers essentially sculpt a slab of foam into what will ultimately become a functional craft. But shaping as a profession is as much blue collar as it is artistic. Power tools, foam dust, and chemicals are used to create every board. And like other blue-collar occupations, shaping is largely a man’s world.

Christine Brailsford Caro, owner and shaper of Furrow Surf Craft, though, is changing the name of the game one board at a time. “A furrow is a farm reference,” says Christine of the name of her label. “It’s the place where you start new growth. I like that idea. Because I feel like maybe my boards will plant the seed for someone to get really stoked or do something really rad.” Or maybe, inspire a young girl to pick up a planer. Who knows?

Beyond shaping, Christine creates wood carvings (see also: shapers are artists) that are crazy beautiful. Dakine recently paired with Furrow for a little collab, with patterns inspired by Christine’s work.

You can check out more on the collab here. 


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