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The Inertia

Surfing, as a culture, has a strong reverence for the idea that we should all pay our dues. We value those who are dedicated, who show up and wait respectfully for their wave and graciously accept when it comes to them. We appreciate visitors who show respect to the people who welcome them at their home break. We find romance in falling in love with one wave and returning to it for the rest of our days.

In that context, there may be no community of wave-riding individuals more worthy of our respect and admiration than those who live and surf in Cuba. More than just focusing on surfing itself, Surf Cuba, presented by the Locals Project, is a documentary that explores the culture of Cuba in all aspects of life and in all sports, and how it shapes the mentality that this specific group of people applies to finding waves.

Surfboards are never readily available. Wave forecasts aren’t updated on iPhone screens every day. Even finding something seemingly as simple as a surf magazine is a resource Cuban surfers find a solution to. To be certain, Cuban surfers have paid their dues. If nothing else, the opening dedication will have you looking up to these people in awe: “This film is dedicated to the Cuban people, their surfers, and all those who have ever gone against the grain in pursuit of their passions. It’s for those who — rather than dwelling on why they can’t — focus on how they can.”


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