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The Inertia

Behind every amazing big wave surfing feat is an adept water safety team hoping for the best but prepared for the worst. It isn’t often we see how quickly water rescues happen and how things start clicking when a surfer takes a header or gets sucked over the falls. But, this footage from South Africa shows just how invaluable a good water safety team is.

“Darty Louw on one of the biggest waves of the day as well as one of the worst wipeouts of the day,” explains Murray Willcocks, who was on the ski. “Insane PWC driving by Jem Johnson resulted in a successful pickup with no time to spare.”

The footage looks like the trio are trying to outrun an avalanche. We can only imagine the stress of driving a jet ski with a giant wall of whitewater on your tail. That’s one helluva safety squad.


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