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Do you remember that Bulls vs. Pistons game when Michael Jordan dunked on Bill Laimbeer’s head? Probably not, because it was in the ’80s, but it was incredible. Laimbeer was in the paint, Jordan going full tilt towards him. Jordan, at the free throw line, left the boards, soared over poor ol’ Bill’s head and smashed it in. Laimbeer was running along, probably whistling a simple tune in his head, expecting the upcoming dunk to be a regular dunk. That, we imagine, is probably similar to how this longboarder felt. “Oh, I see him,” he probably thought. “It’s hard to miss him in his hunter orange hat. He’ll probably turn away from me on the end sec… HOLY SHIT HE’S ABOVE ME!”

It should be noted, kids, that this is a stupid thing to do. Don’t do this. Even if you can do it, still don’t do it.


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