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Have you ever had an idea in a dream that just feels like it needs become a reality? You might have a notebook beside your bed to write things down in, and if you do, most often you’ll read what you wrote while half asleep and laugh at the absurdity. Well, Justin Laird, a surfboard shaper whose boards are works of art, did not laugh at his dreams. He had a dream that he turned into a reality. “So about a year ago,” wrote Kelly Slater on Instagram,  “I got a message from a guy telling me he had this dream where he was talking to me, @tomo_surfboards#GeorgeGreenough, and one or two more shapers about board design and I told him exactly which dimensions I wanted on a board. He woke up and wrote it all down then shaped this board for me and sent me a message on Insta.”

Since then, Kelly and Justin have been trying to meet up. “We’ve since played tag trying to link up and today was the day. Justin Laird (@lairdsurfcraft) dropped me off a 4’11” and a 5’4” he made from his design dream,” Kelly continued.  “This was a huge effort and he went out of his way for me which I really appreciated. Just wanted to share a cool little story and send a thank you back to him and his family for sending me a pic of his girls (who also made me a ‘Thank You’ card). Good to meet you and I know it’s cliche but here’s to hoping other people follow their dreams and share the stoke and ideas. Let you know how these ride soon.”

See more of Justin Laird’s boards on Instagram@lairdsurfcraft.



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