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Mami Wata. It’s West African pidgin English for “Mama Water” or “Mother Ocean.” And it’s also an incredible surf brand you may not be aware of out of South Africa. When it comes down to it, the video above is essentially an ad for the brand, but it’s so artistic and interesting that, frankly, it’s easy to forget.

“From Madagascar to Morocco, Liberia to Mozambique, Mami Wata is the African water spirit who appears in the shape of a mermaid,” reads Mami Wata’s site. “It is said that those who she takes for her lovers, return with a new spirit and become more successful and good looking.”

You read that right – those who fall in love with the ocean become good looking. So when push comes to shove and your significant other begins complaining about your surf obsession, point them to this little bit of African mythology. Your welcome.


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