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To most of us in the surfing community, The Wedge is a household name. Even if you haven’t surfed it, you’ve more than likely seen footage of it via social media or in many epic Youtube videos. It’s a spine-crushing, crowded, frustrating miracle of a wave. I’ve had the great privilege of surfing and documenting this wave for years now and one thing has always bothered me: why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Wedge’s right-handed counterpart Cylinders?

For those of you who don’t know, The Wedge is the left-facing wave off the jetty in Newport Beach and just north of that main peak is the right-facing Cylinders. It’s usually filled with photographers and surfers who aren’t trying to deal with the crowd of the main peak. I usually sit right on the inside between the two peaks and shoot stills of both waves. During last month’s monstrous swell, both peaks saw sets over 10-foot and I was getting washed around like socks in the laundry. I was beaten, battered, and exhausted, and I loved every moment of it. It reminded me just how heavy Cylinders can get and it often blows my mind how many know about The Wedge but have never heard of Cylinders. Maybe it’s not the most makeable wave in the world, but neither is The Wedge.

It’s a photographer/videographer’s paradise nestling right between those two peaks, shooting gems on both sides and scoring the hollowest of barrels. I do think this swell made others realize just how kickass this right is, but it’ll never get the notoriety The Wedge gets. So cheers to Cylinders, you’ll always be my right-hand man…and The Wedge’s less-popular little brother.

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