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What better thing to share with a group of foster kids, than the stoke of surfing in Hawaii? Urban Surf 4 Kids took 15 kids on a trip to experience the wonderful sport of surfing in the land of aloha. It really is cool to see the smile that this simple, yet life-changing thing can put on a kid’s face (or any adult, for that matter). The stoke is contagious, and it’ll change the way that anybody views the world (often times, after only one wave). Surfing is the best, and these people are just plain awesome.

From Urban Surf 4 Kids:
Dreaming of Aloha 2015: After a year of accomplishing their goals and participating in various community service based events, 15 foster youth were taken on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Hawaii with Urban Surf 4 Kids!

Urban Surf 4 Kids is a 501C3 non profit organization that aims to empower foster youth and orphans through healthy outlets such as surfing and community service based mentoring programs.

Look out for the full length film that will be premiered soon!


Dreaming of Aloha 2015 Trailer from Urban Surf 4 Kids on Vimeo.

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