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The Inertia

Dolphins are the world’s greatest surfers. In comparison, we suck. We bob around on top of waves like awkward corks, our backs hunched, our arms all a-flail. We fall and flop and splash and choke and get water up our (stupidly) uncloseable noses. But dolphins! Smooth and sleek, graceful and powerful. They fly along just under the surface of the wave, using that same energy we try and tap into with foils. They leap and soar and play for the sake of playing. These ones in particular, are especially good at being dolphins. Shot off the coast of Umdloti Beach in Durban, South Africa by Richard Melvill on May 27th, it is a rare glimpse into just how wonderful the life of a dolphin is. And if you’re feeling bad about your surfing after watching this… hey, just remember that dolphins are TERRIBLE at walking.

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