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In a matter of one week Ryan Buell, aka MC Buell, and founder of Buell Wetsuits has become possibly my favorite person in surfing. We recently discovered that he produced a hip-hop music video for his wetsuit brand that referred to Adam Virs as Little Caeser. The video was produced by Cruzmatic and some Bay Area hip-hop mainstays. I was able to hop on the phone with Buell last week, and the conversation ended with an impromptu rhyme session. That made me very happy.

So I was even happier to discover he had texted us over his “Bobby Martinez Histo Rap.” He knew we’d appreciate it. And we do. Below are a few of our favorite lines, but you’ll need to watch him deliver them with flow and aplomb above.

Born in ’82 the El Nino son
Right from the start Bobby was the one
Standing up in charge right way
Breakin’ all the records of the NSSA
Break, breakin’ all the records of the NSSA
He’s got a lethal backhand attack, raise it up
Hittin’ your grill like plaque, play it up
Comin’ in hot like a quarterback sack
Bobbo’s out the back, and you don’t want that.
Bobbo’s out the back, and you don’t want that.


MC Buell continues.

Slashes to bashes, ashes to dust,
He just absolutely lit that thing up
At the cold water classic, he just thrashed it
Power met power, and he just cashed it in
Yeah, he got the ten
Slammed it twelve times and he got the win
Riding high, he beat the rest again
Qualified as the first Mexican
He made the tour with desire, now he’s gonna set the tour on fire
He made the tour with desire, now he’s gonna set, set, set the tour on fire

Which Martinez most certainly did. Unfortunately, MC Buell’s freestyle didn’t include Bobby’s now-famous interview with Todd Kline, where he likened the then-ASP to a tennis tour before quitting in unforgettable fashion, but I’m absolutely certain MC Buell’s got a few bars left in him on that topic. Until then.



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