Ten Episodes in the can! Hurrah! This installment brings us another delightful chat with Cori Schumacher, former ASP pro surfer, 3x women’s longboarding champ, Carlsbad city council member. She’s also been a lightning rod in the surf industry, fearlessly addressing issues that others often choose to ignore.

“I chose to use my platform as a world class athlete to speak out about and work hard for positive social change in and around persistent gender disparity, homophobia, the impacts of consumer culture, and other important social and environmental issues in surfing and sports in general,” she wrote on her website.  “In 2012, I co-founded the nonprofit, The Inspire Initiative, to enrich and empower women of all ages through participation in surfing while emphasizing education, media literacy, and building a core community of leaders that will effect positive change in the world.”

We talked about her experiences as a newly minted political force, about divisions within the Democrat Party. We chatted about effective approaches to rhetoric, the consequences of playing the demagogue, and a path out of our current predicament.

We also talked about the Cartel Management bankruptcy, smoking weed with my grandma, recording yourself while you’re on drugs, antifa, violence, and attempting to create a dialogue during divisive times.

Editor’s Note: Everything is Always Terrible is a podcast about surfing, diving, and life in general. This is the tenth episode, but you can hear more at Everythingisalwaysterrible.com (which is still under construction), and follow Rory on Twitter (which has no posts, but may at some point in the future). Learn more about Cori Schumacher on her website.


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