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Nothing is worse than getting out of the water only to dry off with a wet, sandy towel. It’s actually a little heartbreaking. You expect a fluffy cloud to wipe away the salt and sand from your face, but instead, you are greeted with the equivalent of a wet dog. Yuck.

But fear no more! Australian-based Sandusa has created the first sand-proof towel. The towel uses patented technology that incorporates both nylon backing and a waterproof layer that stops water from seeping from one side of the towel to the other. This prevents sand from sticking to the bottom of the towel, and it helps the fabric air out and dry quickly. The result is a much more rewarding post-surf experience, not to mention a much cleaner car.

Sandusa has already sold products in 26 different countries, but now the brand hopes to expand and develop its image around their signature product: the Sandusa towel.


The product is set to be released into Japanese markets this summer. Sandusa has recently partnered with Japanese distribution company Manueverline Ltd to bring the product to Japanese markets. Manueverline has been responsible for bringing huge action sports brands to Japan like Creatures, Future Fins, OAM, Morey, BZ, Neff, Monster Energy, and many more.

Founder and creator, Baz Brown, has expressed his excitement to work with such an established distributor in Japan. “We are thrilled to have teamed up with such a well respected leader in the extreme sport sector in Japan,”Brown said. “Japan was always going to be a great market and with Maneuverline working beside Sandusa we are confident the world’s first sand and waterproof beach towel will be on beaches all across Japan within the year.”

Sandusa Beach Towel – Short from Baz Brown on Vimeo.

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