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The Inertia

As you might’ve heard, Teahupo’o had a week to remember. A sizable swell slammed into the reef at the end of the road with considerable force. Giant waves were paddled, giant waves were towed, and giant waves were avoided, barely. Like this craft, that showed us the absolute worst possible thing that could happen to you in a boat at Teahupo’o (well, actually going over the falls would be worse). For some inexplicable reason, the boat pauses in the channel at Chopes and nearly loses it. Photographer Chris Bryan was on the boat and experienced the terrifying ordeal.

“Paying the price for front row seats at Teahupo’o yesterday,” he wrote on Instagram. “Somehow I managed to throw my camera and have it land in the boat before getting thrown overboard like a rag doll.” A couple of people were actually thrown off the but thankfully, all were helped back to safety. Could there be anything more scary than trying to penetrate a wave like this with a motorboat right on top of you?


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