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The Inertia

Alex Botelho’s most easily-recognized when he’s surfing massive waves. As a high-ranked regular on the men’s Big Wave World Tour and a Nazaré standout, you’d be forgiven if you weren’t as familiar with his style or those long locks on waves most often reserved for mere mortals.

Recently, a pack of some of Europe’s best got together for a road trip through Portugal and chased every shape and size wave one could imagine.

“We would rent a house that anywhere outside of Portugal would be out of our budgets and we would live there for the better part of a month as a happy, yet highly dysfunctional family,” Alex Obolenski said of the trip. “We would go between wedges in the Algarve, the scary side of surfing in Nazare, six a.m. finishes in Lisbon, and the glorious points of Ericeria.”


Here’s Alex Bothelo, Gony Zubizaretta, William Aliotti, Joao Moreira, Charly Quivront, Maud Lecar, Baptiste Gaud and Harry Timson during what looks like a pretty amazing time in Europe.




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