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The Inertia

The North Shore’s been pretty quiet for months now. That is a natural part of the ebb and flow of life on Oahu. Come spring and summer of every year, the most storied stretch of surfable coastline empties of its visitors and quiets down for months. Then, right around this time of year, everything starts to come to life again. Waves come back and soon people will too. And they’ll come in droves.

So wouldn’t you imagine those first little bumps of swell to arrive on the North Shore would have the people living there bubbling with excitement? They’d soak up every moment of every possible wave, right? No time for shenanigans.

Or you could pump up the inflatable floating couch you’ve had in the garage the past two months and push the thing over the falls at picture perfect, but relatively small, Pipe. At least that’s what J.O.B. would do.


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