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The Inertia

Those who surf Nazaré are well aware of just how dangerous it can be. In an instant, everything can change. Alex Botelho and Hugo Vau are both about as familiar with the place as anyone could hope to be, but being familiar doesn’t mean escaping mishaps like the one in the video above. Instead, it means expecting them and being prepared for them.

On February 16th, one of the last big wave sessions of a very big winter, Botelho paddled for a wave, wiped out, and lost his board. With Vau waiting on the outside for a break in the set to rescue him on the ski, Botelho took a wave on the head. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. When Vau saw his chance, he raced in, picked up Botelho, and together they attempted to find the lost board. That’s when things went wrong.

“The inside area of Praia do Norte is the most dangerous spot on the beach,” reads the description of the video. “Waves can be unpredictable and terribly thick, the foamy white water makes it very difficult to manoeuvre the jet skis, and that’s where most accidents happen.”


Moments after they get Botelho’s board, things get really bad, really quickly. Thankfully, both Vau and Botelho are experienced enough in situations like this that they were able to keep their wits about them. Neither ended up injured, and somehow the Jetski wasn’t damaged, but both will likely remember this episode for a long time.


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